Organized Groups that wish to swim at a Washington County Beach should request to do so here. Use the menu on the left of this page. Park staff will review requests, and you will be prompted via email to complete your reservation if it is approved.

*Reservation is not complete until confirmation is received.*

*Bus permits: $20/day $100/annual*

Group Swim Rules:

  • Group supervisors must be age 16 or older, dressed appropriately in swimwear, and they must accompany the children in the water.
  • The minimum ratio of supervisors to children is:
    • 1:3 for children ages 4 and under
    • 1:6 for children ages 5 to 9
    • 1:10 for children ages 10 and older
  • This represents only a minimum requirement. It is the responsibility of the organization and its supervisors to know each child’s limitations. Children with special needs shall be required to have a higher supervisor/child ratio.
  • It is required that all groups and organizations use the “buddy” system. Assign two or three children to always be responsible for one another. Continually test them by entering the water and asking them to identify their “buddies.” Do not wait for safety breaks. Set a time that the children should report to a predetermined area.
  • Any inner tube, life raft, or other inflatable or buoyant object or floatation device intended to support a person in the water is prohibited except a United States Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, or V personal flotation device.
  • Use the children’s bodies as indicator for a safe depth for water activities:
    • Below the armpits for children who cannot swim
    • At the waistline for children who are not sturdy in the water.
  • Washington County Parks reserves the right to cancel your beach visit or divide your group into shifts if extreme beach conditions arise which would provide an unsafe swimming environment.
    • If weather conditions appear questionable, call 651-430-8370 to find out the possibility of the beach closing due to weather.
    • The beach closes for ½ hour from the last time that thunder or lightning is observed, or if other weather conditions warrant closure.
    • Lifeguards enforce rules and regulations and react to emergencies at the beach.
    • Lifeguards are not responsible for the supervision of swimmers!
    • Groups who do not have proper supervision or do not follow the group rules and regulations will lose swimming privileges for the day and will have to vacate the swimming facility/beach area.
    • It is the group’s responsibility to obtain prior approval at least seven (7) days before your park visit to any beach in Washington County Parks.
      • A separate request should be used for each date.
  • Violation of permit or park regulations can result in revocation of permit, and loss of permit privileges in the future.
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